21 Jul 2010

Armed Robbery at CVS on 12th

Photo by THIH staff

Just when we were all bemoaning the poor quality of criminal enterprises on the Hill, two gentlemen proved us wrong this morning.

It appears that we have stepped it up, crime wise. This morning at 9:21, an armed guard and his assistant were restocking an ATM with cash at the CVS on the corner of 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Two men approached them with a gun and made off with the money.

WJLA reports that “this is one of several stops” the guard was making this morning and that each stop is supposed to last no more than 5-10 minutes, making it fairly unlikely that this was a random event. Of course, they also report it happened on “Pennsylvania ‘Street,'” so we all have a little digging and fact checking yet to do.

Either way, police are asking folks to keep an eye open for two men, both African-American. The first is medium build, wearing a white T-shirt and black pants; the second is wearing a blue shirt and black pants. Both are wearing black baseball hats. They escaped in a gray four door with the letter “M” in the tag. Obviously, if this strikes a bell with you, contact 911 directly.

You can see the WJLA coverage here:

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  • Jon

    The police have provided an excellent description….did their car have 4 wheels too?

  • Tim Krepp

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

    In MPD’s defense, they can only pass on the description they get.

  • Elizabeth Festa

    The FBI were there taking fingerprints for awhile. But who covering Washington D.C. would call one of the main stretches of road here Pennsylvania Street. Criminals sounded very prepared–the armed service employees on the scene later seemed flustered.

  • Sonny Liger

    Pennsylvania Street is great. She is actually standing on the corner, right under a street sign too!

  • Steve

    Inside job?

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t you seem flustered if you just got held up at gun point?

    Inside job? Are you serious? Some people are more honest than that. How would that work exactly..fake a robbery and tell all the witness that they have to play along, or else. And armored employees go through a little more investigation than you think. Only the utterly stupid think they can get away with anything like an “Inside Job”.

  • Elizabeth Festa

    The actual victims were long gone–these were the confused staff execs.. . the CVS employees, on the other hand, were cool and collected–and they had been there when it occurred. The CVS employees up thee street wanted to know what happened–they had not been briefed and had just heard things. They are a little worried.

  • Anonymous

    Why in the world would this news crew let the public know what company it was as well as show their vehicles on t.v.? Let’s tell all the criminals out there their route and what the vehicles look like!!! Great Job!!

  • Teri

    Uh, the criminals apparently already know, did you not read the story?

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