22 Apr 2010

DCPS Prom Dress Boutique

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeAngelis

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and spring is in the air. That can only mean one thing to thousands of DCPS teens:  prom season.

I don’t remember much about my prom other than I wrecked my car on my way to get my hair done and, of course, my dress. (My date was lackluster and I always have to call my best friend to ask her with whom I went to which high school formal because although I can tell you what I wore to each one of those events, I am hard pressed to come up with the names of the oft-mulletted young men who escorted me.)  My prom dress was an iridescent fuchsia color that, depending on how the light hit it, shimmered orange. Oh no, friends – this was no classic, tasteful, understated affair. This thing was from the Lillie Rubin – that purveyor of fine late 80s cocktail wear where subtlety went to die – and it had ruffles and sparkle and shine and a slit up to there and I loved it.

The point is that a girl’s prom dress is an important part of her adolescence. Last Thursday, DCPS hosted their annual prom dress boutique where approximately 50 girls and their mothers chose the dresses they’ll always remember. 

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeAngelis

Every year DCPS solicits donations of gently used, prom-appropriate dresses, shoes, handbags and other accessories and invites girls to come shop for their proms, free of charge. This year, MAC, the Body Shop, Buzz Bakery, Neiman Marcus, and Target joined in to provide styling tips, cupcakes, hair and beauty products and everything the girls needed to make both the boutique sale and their proms fun and memorable.

Although this year’s shopping event is over, you can still sign up to volunteer for other DCPS programs here. DCist also posted a other opportunities for you to clean out your closets and finally rid yourself of all those bridesmaids dresses.  They’ve also got some additional photos of the DCPS boutique and the lovely girls choosing their dresses and making their memories!

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeAngelis

Photo Courtesy of Michael DeAngelis

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One response to “DCPS Prom Dress Boutique”

  1. katydid13 says:

    My prom dress was teal satin and lace with rhinestone straps. It was very stylish in 1992. Finding it was huge deal.

    Every girl deserves a chance to look back and say “what on earth was I thinking.”

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