07 Apr 2010

Pie Patience is Rewarded: Dangerously Delicious on H Street

Photo Courtesy Dangerously Delicious Pies

It must have been fate that just a few weeks ago I was watching “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network (aka Food Porn) when Dangerously Delicious Pies of Baltimore was featured for their “Baltimore Bomb” pie. Apparently it is a favorite of Food Network personality Duff from the show “Ace of Cakes.” Just a few days later I read on a certain blog that the same entity will be opening up a location on H Street NE in a matter of days. I was determined to be one of the first to sample the pieman’s wares, even marching in the rain to the store one weekend only to find out the opening was pushed back. Patience is not the friend of the dessert-lover.

After several rescheduled opening dates and making sure to pick the correct website (separate for DC and Baltimore), I visited Dangerously Delicious DC just two days after they opened their doors. The red and black interior feels transplanted from Adams Morgan, but fits with the wave of nightlife locations now calling H Street home. The decor is fairly sparse, with one long bar showing off the pies and some tables and chairs for dining in. One of the folks on-hand mentioned an outdoor patio space is in the works.

Dangerously Delicious (DD) shows over 40 varieties of pies on their website, but only 8 to 10 are offered each day. I asked the staff how to know what’s offered and was told to “call in for daily selections.” Perhaps as the location settles in they can consider updating the website with daily selections as well. Whole-pie orders can be taken for any variety when placed ahead of time. On the day I ventured to DD, five sweet and five savory selections were available. (Note to DD: if you are only going to have five sweet selections each day, you may want to consider at least one being of a chocolate variety. None were offered the day I was there, though two types of apple pies were. Very disappointing.)

I ventured home with slices of apple and sweet potato for my sweet selections and steak pie for my savory. Sweet pie slices sell for $6 each, and savory for $7.50. That’s steep for a to-go dessert, but in fairness the slices I received were easily sized for two people and constitute almost a fifth of a whole pie.

The steak pie was up first, and was surprisingly good. The generous filling was composed of beef, mushrooms, and a creamy, savory sauce that met its match with the density of the crust. For a place hanging its hat on pie and pie only, I was determined to focus on crust, and this one was buttery and not too dry.

Moving on to sweets, I sampled the apple pie first. The mammoth piece was bursting was apple filling–definitely not from a can–that was cooked to the right consistency so the apples were not mushy. However, the filling tasted too much of cinnamon and not of apple. The fruit was a bit over-spiced for my taste. The crust on this one was good but a bit inconsistent–the bottom being very soggy from the filling and the edges being very crispy and dry. Fortunately, the sweet potato pie saved the day with the light, smooth filling and thin, sweet crust that tasted like it was made by grandma on a cool fall day. I really tasted sweet potato in this gigantic portion (and was happy to save some for the next day).

Yes, I will be back to sample more wares…hopefully chocolate varieties. I will definitely bring a friend too as portions are doled out to share. Though if it’s offered, I’m not sure I’ll share the sweet potato pie.

Dangerously Delicious Pies, 1339 H Street NE. 202-398-PIES. www.dangerouspiesdc.com. Pie slices from $6. Whole pies from $28.

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8 responses to “Pie Patience is Rewarded: Dangerously Delicious on H Street”

  1. Shan says:

    My husband and I visited with our son the day DDP opened. My husband has been waiting on this place since November 2009! We were pretty happy with our selections. I had two slices: the Cowboy Quiche (for dinner) and the Coconut Chess pie. I loved them both, especially the chess pie, which reminded me of my grandma’s recipe. My husband had his favorite apple pie. The guy who served the pies to us said that the Cowboy Quiche will be featured on an upcoming Throwdown with Bobby Flay episode. We live around the corner so we will definitely be going back!

  2. HStreetGreatStreet says:

    “Very disappointed” that they didn’t have chocolate pie? Seems harsh and we have very different taste in pie, but if you want to get a better sense for whether they have a particular pie before you go, you can check out their facebook page where they have been pretty actively updating what is in the oven on a given day.

  3. Jon says:

    Considering two of the three “featured” pies on their website are chocolate based and the pie getting lots of national TV hype is chocolatey, yes I was disappointed.

    Today’s selections ARE now on the website, which I am happy to see. I don’t see a link to a Facebook page from the website.

  4. Kyra says:

    I’m glad to read that the portions match the price. I love what H Street has to offer, but I do question whether or not the prices of certain offerings match the market. Liberty Tree is striking the right balance, as are a few others.

  5. Kyra says:

    I had some great pie at DDP tonight.

    First, let me tell moms and dads that they have a full service baby changing station in the family restroom! Okay, It’s self serve in that you have to change your own child’s diapers, but it’s a real changing table and they even have packs of diapers if you happen to be out and about without clean diapers. Thanks guy working at the counter who told me to check out the set-up. As a mom on the Hill, I can appreciate having a place to tend to my child. Yeah, this may not be relevant for everyone, but even if it isn’t now, you will appreciate it some day.

    Next, we were there and pies were flying off the shelves, so get there early if you want to choose from the day’s full menu, otherwise risk being told that the pie you want has sold out.

    Finally, can I recommend the blueberry? Yes I can! It was great!

  6. Sameena says:

    Where on their FB page are the flavors listed? I don’t see them on their wall (well, saw one post back on 3/25), but maybe I have the wrong FB page? The one I found is called Dangerously Delicious (but not Pies).

  7. Sharee Lawler Sharee Lawler says:

    Dangerously addicted already! I had a slice of the chocolate peanut butter chess. @Jon, I’m with you on the chocolate, and this did not disappoint.

  8. Jon says:

    @Sameena-check their website as the daily offerings are now on the their site’s front page. Baltimore Bomb is listed today!

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