19 Mar 2010

Saturday Street Closures for Sun Trust National Marathon

Every year this one seems to catch me off guard – I get up on a Saturday morning ready to run errands all over the city only to find half of the streets shut down for the National Marathon.  I recommend rescheduling your errands that require a car for Saturday afternoon or Sunday, and making plans to enjoy the lovely weather by foot or bike.  There will be several streets along the race route that you can cross when no runners are present, however there were many complaints last year that pedestrians and drivers were not allowed to cross due to miscommunication about how these cross streets were supposed to work, so be prepared for delays.  Hopefully things will be better organized this year.

A map of the full- and half-marathon race routes can be found on the Sun Trust National Marathon Web site, and I’ve included the Hill section below.  In addition, the following streets can be used to cross the race route on Capitol Hill, but again, a lot of people had issues crossing the designated streets last year.

  • 4th and East Capitol (for southbound traffic)
  • 6th and East Capitol (for northbound traffic)
  • 8th and East Capitol
  • 10th and East Capitol
  • 15th and N Carolina
  • 17th and C NE

If you have questions or issues the day of the race, call 202-727-9099.

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  • Margaret

    There are many things in life worse than being “locked down” in your Capitol Hill neighborhood.
    That being said, don’t we get a disproportionate number of these races through Capitol Hill? Hello other Wards??? Why not use Wisc. or Conn. Aves or PA Ave from Anacostia? Rock Creek Park?

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