07 Jan 2010

Burglary Update: Arrests Made; Loot Recovered

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As many of you know, the rash of burglaries over the holidays seemed brazen, frequent, and successful–for the thieves. People reported drapes moving as thieves entered homes through windows and doors, both front and back.  A lot was taken, and taken fast. Well, now some measure of relief has been delivered and a lot has been recovered thanks to four arrests for two separate burglaries, police said.

In addition to these arrests, many belongs were recovered after a surveillance operation led police to a house in the 1o00 block of 15th Street, SE. After obtaining a search warrant, police  executed it  and recovered a large amount of property that was taken during burglaries over the past several months. These items include flat panel tvs, computers, jewelry, electronics, games and DVDs, and, a Cannondale mountain bike.  Additionally, one subject was arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

First District Commander David K. Kamperin, photo courtesy Metropolitan Police Department

Police are reviewing reports and contacting victims to look at the property and return it to owners,” First District Commander David Kamperin told The Hill is Home. “If we are unable to identify owners, we will have public viewings and will notify the public if this becomes necessary.”

“This investigation continues and we are hoping on other arrests and search warrants,” Kamperin said. The commander, a 22 year veteran of the force with experience in multiple branches and police districts in the city,  lauded the partnership of police and the citizenry, as key citizen tips helped with the investigation, he claimed.

Kamperin is active on the local MPD-1D listserv, and responds frequently to citizens’ concerns online.

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  • Do we know if most of the associated burglaries were the ones targetted around the SE edge of the Hill, i.e. not far from the subject address?

    Commander Kamperin is great. We need more like him. Anyone who hasn’t signed up for the listserve yet, should definitely do so.

  • Elizabeth Festa

    The burglaries were primarily located in SE, in PSAs 106 and 107. The group the police are focusing on are primarily juveniles and a few young adults (18-20), according to Kamperin.

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