29 Oct 2009

Coming Soon: Barracks Row Edition

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Uploaded to flickr by batcamera

As I sat down to tell all of you about all the action on the restaurant and bar front on the Hill over my delicious dinner of sugar cookies from Marvelous Market and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I realized that much like dunking those cookies in milk, this is a task best broken up into pieces.  You see, we are lucky little ducks and drakes up here on the Hill with so many watering holes and feed troughs coming our way, that soon we won’t be able to waddle a block without having a new spot in which to poke our beaks.

(Aside:  I started that sentence and then felt compelled to see how far I could take the duck thing.  I really had no idea I could push it that far.  I had a pet duck growing up that lived in my kitchen, who knew he’d be such an inspiration?  Anyway, my sincerest apologies for that; I owe you all a drink for putting up with my nonsense.  Moving on, sans ducks, after the jump…)

So this week I’m starting with Barracks Row.  I told you the other week about Ted’s Bulletin.  I was chatting with my new Matchbox friends earlier this week, and they’ve got the backhoes in there and have begun work!  We’ll be indulging in milkshakes and pre-Prohibition cocktails in no time!

Next up is Chesapeake Room, going in the old flower shop on the corner at 501 8th St. SE.  Prince of Petworth did a little write up on it, and says the occupancy is only going to be 49, but with an additional 32 seats outside.  Sounds like we’re going to have another great people-watching spot!  Chesapeake Room is being brought to us by the same folks responsible for Lola’s (yay!) and Molly Malone’s (boo!).  Sorry guys, I love Lola’s but I’m still holding a grudge over that football thing at Molly’s.

In the 7oo block of 8th Street, in the old Miller Court Reporting Building, which the liquor license tells me is 735 8th St. SE, Zest Bistro is set to open later this fall.  According to the voluntary agreement filed with Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration, Zest will have a Retailers’ License with an entertainment endorsement.  All that means is that they can sell booze, but it won’t ever be a nightclub – there will be no dj or dancing on the premises.  (I hope Kevin Bacon never stops in to visit.)  Indoor occupancy is “no more than 90” and they’ll have sidewalk seating for 24.  I don’t know much more than this, so if any of you fine readers know anything about the menu, please do tell us in the comments!

So, that’s your update for this week.  Come back next week to hear what we can expect to see soon on Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast and over at Eastern Market!

Breaking News:  As I was getting this ready to edit, I was watching NBC 4, and learned that the H Street Martini Lounge (owned by the same folks that own Dulce) has been temporarily closed as the result of an incident in which two firefighters were stabbed, allegedly by another firefighter.  See NBC Washington for the complete story.  The news clip featured words in support of the Martini Lounge and its owner Clifton Humphries (also a firefighter) from SOVA’s Frank Hankins and The Pug’s Paul Sargent.

UPDATE:  NBC News 4 now has the video of their broadcast up HERE.

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  1. E says:

    Dulce is already facing significant communityopposition on its ABC license request. This should be very interesting.

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