24 May 2019


Hill’s Eye View: Eat, drink, read, repeat

These spring days!! What a joy! Even better is you can steal a few minutes to eat your lunch outside. With a can of rose? All the better! Thanks mc_madeline for inspiration to pack a lunch and head to a local park. Share your inspiring photos by tagging us with #thehillishome. We’d love to share […]

23 May 2019


To Do: Weekend of May 23rd – 26th

Welcome to Gemini season, y’all. I truly think everyone is typically happier this time of year. It’s probably due to the kick-off of all things summer and likely not the annual celebration of my birth, but I could be wrong. This will be a three-day weekend for many of us who are not working the […]

22 May 2019


Update From Your ANC Commissioner

We periodically share updates from your ANC commissioners, edited for brevity and clarity. Although these are most pertinent to particular single member districts (SMDs), we feel the information shared can be of interest to the whole Capitol Hill community. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares regular updates? Add thehillishome@gmail.com to your distribution list, please! –María Helena […]

21 May 2019


Hill Buzz

Ten years and one day ago, Kate McFadden put up a post about PeterBug Matthews and, with the help of a few fellow out-of-work neighbors, started the labor of love that you know as The Hill is Home. Thank you to those of you who’ve already sent birthday wishes our way. Stay tuned, because we […]

20 May 2019


Lost Capitol Hill: Washington’s Tomb

It would be remiss of me, as the resident historian, not to mention an important anniversary: On this day, ten years ago, the very first post of this blog would go live. Since then, we have posted over 6,000 items related to the Hill, some of momentary interest, some of lasting importance. Amazingly, that first […]

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