10 Jul 2020


To Do From Home, Week of July 9, 2020

It’s hot, it’s sticky and it’s more of the same. How can we make this second half of the week memorable? Let’s find out! First of all, if you haven’t done the My DC Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt from the Historical Society of Washington DC, you really must. It’s a deceptively easy Google Form, but the […]

09 Jul 2020


Meet the Candidates: Amir Lowery

Hello there! In addition to all the COVID craziness, it’s also an election year. On November 3, we will be voting not just for President, but for many seats at the local level. One of those positions is that of the Delegate to the United States House of Representatives, currently held by Eleanor Holmes Norton, […]

07 Jul 2020


Hill Buzz

When the most exciting thing to have happened to you today is that it rained last night (okay, and chatting on the phone with a friend– hi Rebecca!), you know that COVID times are special. What else has been going? By now, if you haven’t had at least one heated conversation about the Emancipation Statue […]

07 Jul 2020


A little more Safeway info

Hey there! While I finish putting together the Hill Buzz (j/k I haven’t even started), here are a few details about the 14th and Kentucky SE Safeway for you to get excited about. It looks like the store will open around the middle of August but no official date has been announced. (Pencil in anytime […]

06 Jul 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: Disney World on the Hill

To finally bring our long look at Capitol Hill subways to a close, today we will look at what is currently transporting Senators under Constitution Avenue to the Capitol. The 1960s subway really started to go into a decline with the opening of the Hart Building in 1981, with the distance to be traversed just […]

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