13 May 2021

To Do:

The To Do List: Week of May 13, 2021

Hi friends! Another weekend looms in the horizon and, along with it, more freedoms. A week and a day from today, most coronavirus restrictions will be lifted — and three weeks later, the rest of the restrictions will be history. It’s going to be a weird adaptation process so be kind with yourself and don’t […]

19 Jul 2016

Capitol Hill:

Ward 6 Day at the Icebergs

Today was Ward 6 day at the National Building Museum‘s Iceberg exhibit. An hour before the museum opened to the general public, Ward 6 residents could get in to see the hottest (coolest?) exhibit in town – for free! As an extra bonus, councilmember Charles Allen was there, as well. A few pictures from the […]

13 Jul 2016


ICEBERGS at Ward 6 Day at the Building Museum, 7/19!

Once upon a time, the National Building Museum was in trouble. The recession, which hit the whole country hard, was making it difficult for the museum to keep providing excellent and through-provoking exhibits through the lean times. Even though it was (and still is) a haven for parents and little busy ones, and therefore a […]

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