09 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: A Resource of Paramount Importance

Today is Columbus Day, a Federal Holiday. This means that most government institutions are closed. For the librarians at the Library of Congress, this is not an excuse not to work, but rather an opportunity to show everyone what it is that they do. For this purpose, the main reading room of the Library of […]

22 Jun 2017


To Do: Weekend of June 22nd -25th

Oh Summer. So nice to see you. Even if that means we need to put up with seasonally specific hashtags such as #roseallday and #summertimeshine. What will your insta look like this weekend? Tonight, the American Roots series at the Hill Center presents Michaela Anne, a young honky-tonk singer who has been called the female Hank Williams. The […]

26 Dec 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: The Anacostia Library

In researching the taverns of the Navy Yard neighborhood, I stumbled across something I really was not expecting: There once was a library to go along with all the other amenities in the area. Sadly, documentation of this is thin on the ground, but today we will look at the library and some of the men […]

26 Jan 2014

Southeast Library Closed Through February 19

Weather like what we’ve seen recently gives us a great reason to curl up with a cup of tea and a engrossing book.  If you need a good one, make plans to explore the collections at the library in Southwest or the Rosedale Recreation Center: our beloved Southeast branch library will be closed through February […]

12 Sep 2012

Northeast Library Set to Close for a Year

Following on the heels of its recent exterior renovation, the Northeast Library (330 7th Street NE) is about to close for at least a year to undergo a massive $10 million historic renovation.  The library will officially close at 5:30pm on September 22nd.  In anticipation of the library’s closing, the Friends of the NE Library will […]

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