08 May 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Duff Green’s Row

In trying to look at all the places that Abraham Lincoln lived and worked in Washington D.C. over the years, it becomes clear how much the city has changed over the last 150 years. It’s also clear how much of it has been torn down and replaced. Today, we’ll look (again) at the place he […]

20 Feb 2017

Capitol Hill:

Lost Capitol Hill: Library of Congress Open House

I have frequently written about the Library of Congress in the past, which is unsurprising in that it is a) and important institution here on the Hill, and b) a place I spend a fair bit of time, both as a tour guide and as a researcher. While you can get in as a visitor […]

15 Feb 2016


Lost Capitol Hill: Library of Congress Open House

This particular post is a rerun on a day that I hope most of you will be able to spend with your families – at home, no less, given the weather that is bearing down on Washington. However, today it is more accurate to speak of ‘lost’ than the last time I ran it; as […]

17 Nov 2014


Get Your Thanksgiving Houseguests Out of the House, Just for a Little Bit

Our homes feel a little tight sometimes, correct? If you’re considering renting some extra chairs to host your guests for Thanksgiving, it’s likely you might also be anticipating the house feeling a little cramped. Put aside your anxiety and read on my friends. We live within walking distance of some pretty great cultural sites as […]

19 Nov 2013

Hill's Eye View: Take Me Back to Yesteryear

Rotary phones? Card catalogues? I take pause when I remember that the typical tools of my youth now fall in the same category as anvils and wagon wheels for kids today… and, well, the millennials. (Gag, another millennials in DC reference). Capture the history of yesteryear and share it here with our Flickr group.

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