22 Apr 2021

The To Do List: Week of April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day! May you celebrate it by getting outdoors, planting something lovely and… huddling under the blankets and turning the heat back on, I guess. What happened to spring? Anyway, here are a few things to get your happiness juices flowing this weekend. Celebrate Earth Day with a cleanup! Together with Edward Ryder, ANC […]

07 Mar 2018

The Set List:

The Set List: March 7-21

Renowned jazz musicians, legendary metal rockers, up and coming artists, and the perfect way to spend your St. Patrick's Day are in store at your local venues!

23 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: Thomas Jefferson’s Markings

I recently found myself reading an 1842 guide to Washington D.C., written by none other than George Watterston (pic), one of my personal favorite Capitol Hill characters. I turned, as always, to the parts describing the Hill, and found my way to the description of the Library of Congress. After a description of the room, […]

09 Oct 2017


Lost Capitol Hill: A Resource of Paramount Importance

Today is Columbus Day, a Federal Holiday. This means that most government institutions are closed. For the librarians at the Library of Congress, this is not an excuse not to work, but rather an opportunity to show everyone what it is that they do. For this purpose, the main reading room of the Library of […]

13 Jun 2017

Arts & Entertainment:

Library of Awesome Pop-Up: 6/14-6/17

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday June 14, and continuing on through Saturday June 17, you can catch an incredible pop-up exhibit at the Library of Congress called (very aptly) the “Library of Awesome.” The pop-up was timed specifically to complement Awesome Con, going on from the 16th through the 18th of June at the Washington Convention Center. Incidentally, […]

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