17 Jul 2018


Who Gets to Decide How to Preserve a Gentrifying Neighborhood’s African American History?

We encourage our readers to submit opinions on subjects about which they are passionate, especially if they are related to our neighborhood and our neighbors’ quality of life. Interested in voicing your opinion? Send us an email at info@thehillishome.com –María Helena Carey By Lindsey Jones-Renaud with Karen Smith When my neighbor Karen Smith and her friends would […]

18 Sep 2015


Enjoy PARK(ing) Day!

It’s PARK(ing) day! Visit the beautiful curbside oases around town! Take pictures, get swag, enjoy your urban spaces! A few weeks ago Claudia reminded you to get your PARK(ing) day permit. Greater Greater Washington has a full list of all the PARK(ing) spots you can visit all over town. This year, we have a few […]

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