29 Apr 2021


The Problem With Hains Point

Rudi Riet, @randomduck on Twitter, is a bike and micromobility advocate and DC resident. After the tragic events of Saturday, April 24, Rudi answered questions and offered his views on how a shared park space could be better, aided by many of us who are active on Twitter and felt much anger and frustration after […]

17 Nov 2020


The Hospitality Industry Deserves More

Zac Hoffman to has been a hospitality professional for over 12 years, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and he currently serves as the Executive Vice President of the DC Bar and Restaurant Workers Alliance. He is the DC State Organizer for THIRST Group and is Commissioner-Elect for ANC 5D06 in Trinidad. […]

06 Nov 2020


When you step up to run for local office, we all win

The following is an opinion by Jordan Hibbs, candidate to ANC 6E04. A heartfelt appreciation to all of you who stepped up and ran in local elections –win or lose. Your dedication to your neighbors is truly the backbone of our democracy. Thank you. –Maria Helena Carey As votes continue to be counted locally and around the […]

02 Dec 2019


Shopping Local Supports Us All

Loren Copsey is the owner of The Daily Rider, a Washington, D.C., bike shop on H Street NE. He owns it with his wife, Beth Rogers. I was already considering writing something about Cyber Monday while riding into the shop this morning and then saw this tweet by The Hill is Home: Hey neighbors! How about if you keep shopping local for #CyberMonday, […]

28 Oct 2019


Juvenile Crime: What Are the Consequences for Committing Crime?

This opinion was written by K. Denise Rucker Krepp, ANC 6B10. Crime has significantly increased in my single member district (SMD) in the past couple of months. Many of these crimes are being committed by juveniles and I’ve requested information from Attorney General Karl A. Racine on how these cases are resolved. I want to […]

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