02 Dec 2019


Shopping Local Supports Us All

Loren Copsey is the owner of The Daily Rider, a Washington, D.C., bike shop on H Street NE. He owns it with his wife, Beth Rogers. I was already considering writing something about Cyber Monday while riding into the shop this morning and then saw this tweet by The Hill is Home: Hey neighbors! How about if you keep shopping local for #CyberMonday, […]

28 Oct 2019


Juvenile Crime: What Are the Consequences for Committing Crime?

This opinion was written by K. Denise Rucker Krepp, ANC 6B10. Crime has significantly increased in my single member district (SMD) in the past couple of months. Many of these crimes are being committed by juveniles and I’ve requested information from Attorney General Karl A. Racine on how these cases are resolved. I want to […]

30 Aug 2019


Dog Owners: Let’s Protect Other Forms of Wildlife!

Jade Stone is a decade-long resident of Kingman Park and has two dogs, a 7-year old Miniature Schnauzer named Moose and a 2-year old Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix named Peaven (a City Dogs rescue alum). She is a board member on Friends of Kingman and Heritage Islands (FOKHI) and Friends of Kingman Park (FOKP). I visit […]

21 Aug 2019


Withholding information protects the predators: Ask Deputy Mayor Paul Kihn to release data

Earlier this summer, 58 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANC) and State Board of Education (SBOE) representatives representing all wards in the city sent a letter to Mayor Bowser requesting information about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment in DC schools. We did so because of the sexual abuse that occurred at Capitol Hill Montessori, the latest in […]

12 Aug 2019


City: Do Your Job. Protect Our Children.

Danica Petroshius and her husband are Capitol Hill residents and have two children, a rising 4th grader and a rising 6th grader, both attending Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan (CHML). At CHML, Danica volunteers as a School Improvement Team member, a Local School Advisory Team member, PTSO Advocacy Committee Chair, and is a past PTSO […]

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