25 Feb 2017


To Do: Weekend of February 23rd – 26th (Updated)

Hey there! Exciting times, exciting times… But hey, the weather is nice. We have no idea what this means so carpe the heck out of this diem, folks. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Hill Center, African-Caribbean Canadian Kaia Kater performs her unique blend of Canadian folk and Appalachian music. Her new album, Nine Pin (May 2016), […]

16 Feb 2017


To Do: Weekend of February 16th – 19th

Exciting times we are living in here, folks—exciting times. What will tomorrow bring? Well, provided we are all still here this weekend, here are some suggestions to distract you. Fiddles are not required. Tonight in the Union Market Test Kitchen learn Poultry 101 with the folks behind Harvey’s Market and chef Paola Annoni Patel. While learning […]

09 Feb 2017


To Do: Weekend of February 9th – 12th

Happy No-Snow day! Our friends in the northeast are enjoying a legitimate day of snow while we spend another weird weather day in our snowless doughnut hole. Since we are free from shoveling, there is no excuse to stay home. Here’s how to use that time. Tonight at the Hill Center, learn to make bone broth and […]

02 Feb 2017


To Do: Weekend of February 2nd – 5th

It's A Special Groundhog Day Edition!

26 Jan 2017


To Do: Weekend of January 26th – 29th

And the sun comes up, and the world still spins. Are you exhausted from a crazy week of keeping up with jaw-dropping news and constant phone calls to representatives? You deserve some R and R. Try this: Tonight, learn a new skill! Chef Wendi James is teaching sushi-rolling at the Hill Center. Learn to make […]

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