14 Dec 2017


To Do: Weekend of December 14th – 17th

Are you “nogged out” yet? Able to face a plate of cookies and ugly sweaters with the same cheer you did two weeks ago? You are doing great! In between parties, check out what else is going on: Tonight, stop by the Rock and Roll Hotel to check out their new heated roof top igloos. […]

30 Nov 2017

To Do:

To Do: Weekend of November 30th – December 3rd

We are once again entering December– though the mosquitoes beg to differ. Begone, pests! While we wait for an eventual Mosquitopocalypse, how shall we spend our time? Tonight, Mosaic Theatre Company presents The Real Americans at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Actor/journalist Dan Hoyle traveled the US in a van for 100 days to try examine […]

09 Nov 2017


To Do: Weekend of November 9th – 12th

Whether or not you welcome the arrival of actual seasonally-appropriate weather this weekend, we can all agree that putting an end to mosquito season is not a bad thing. Bundle up as you head out to enjoy the fun this weekend! Tonight, be in the room where it happens and learn how the sausage gets […]

02 Nov 2017


To Do: Weekend of November 2nd – 5th

This weekend is my favorite of the year: the end of Daylight Saving Time. I know it is antiquated and pointless in this modern era; but despite all evidence it has outlived its usefulness, I revel in an extra hour on a crisp fall Sunday. While we pay a dear price in the Spring, I […]

26 Oct 2017


To Do: Weekend of October 26-29

Halloween is Tuesday so the weekend offers many opportunities to get ghouly if that is your or your pet’s jam. Tonight at the Angelika pop up theatre at Union Market the Hitchcocktober continues with a screening of Rebecca at 7pm. Don’t worry they are saving the best for last and showing Psycho on Tuesday the […]

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