26 Apr 2022

Union Station/NOMA:

Union Station graffiti repairs finished in early April

As of Wednesday, April 6, Union Station fully finished repairing the cosmetic damage sustained just a few months earlier. During the early hours of January 28, 34 year-old Geraldo Pando took a permanent marker and defiled the granite exterior of the station with Swastikas . He also tagged three other buildings in the area, according […]

23 Feb 2022

Union Station: Run down or coping with the pandemic?

On Monday, February 21, Adam Tuss tweeted a sentiment that made some very upset. Sure, it’s Twitter and anything is bound to make people upset– but this tweet really incensed some: And then, to underscore his point, he quoted his earlier tweet and said the following, three hours later: Now, Adam undoubtedly knows about transportation, […]

12 Oct 2018

Union Station/NOMA:

Two New Stores at Union Station

The mall at Union Station has steadily gone from a mostly-forgettable collection of stores and the Barnes and Noble (which was awesome and which I still miss) to a really great collection of stores in a short time. In the short span of a year, we’ve welcomed Warby Parker, Sugarfina, Carpe Librum, Magnolia Bakery plus the VR […]

11 Sep 2018

Union Station/NOMA:

Magnolia Bakery Brings Treats and Community

Yesterday, Magnolia Bakery opened it’s tenth US location and celebrated by giving away free banana pudding to the first 50 customers to come in through the door. If you’re sad you missed free banana pudding, don’t worry: You can get this delicious freebie all week, through Sunday, September 15, if you happen to be one […]

01 Sep 2017

Union Station/NOMA:

LAST DAY: Help Name NoMa’s Parks

The NoMa BID would like your help with a most poetic civic engagement: Through today, they are seeking your inspiration to name not just one but two parks in the NoMa area: The first one is currently known as the NoMa green and is located north of Florida Avenue NE, close to the Union Market […]

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