10 Nov 2020


Hill Buzz

We survived a week that felt like a year, everyone! Give yourselves a round of applause! Do you remember the Ward 6 Happy Hour that was happening earlier in the pandemic? Many of you have continued the tradition in your blocks, which is the kind of thing we love about this neighborhood. For those of […]

06 Nov 2020


When you step up to run for local office, we all win

The following is an opinion by Jordan Hibbs, candidate to ANC 6E04. A heartfelt appreciation to all of you who stepped up and ran in local elections –win or lose. Your dedication to your neighbors is truly the backbone of our democracy. Thank you. –Maria Helena Carey As votes continue to be counted locally and around the […]

05 Nov 2020

ICYMI: DPW Sucks… Up Your Leaves, Starting Monday

Look, I’ve been feeling weird all day (starting yesterday) and I’m going to try to get as much mileage out of the sucking joke as I can. In a surprising about-face after a rather surprising announcement earlier in the season, the Department of Public Works will not be requiring District residents to bag all their […]

03 Nov 2020


Hill Buzz

Today is the last day to vote, friends! I like the sound of that: It’s not the finality of election days past. It’s more like the culmination of an incredible effort and an exercise in democracy. This is something to make us all proud, regardless of the outcome. More people than ever have volunteered to […]

02 Nov 2020


Lost Capitol Hill: The Rotunda as Meeting-place

Over the last two weeks, I have looked at how the old Hall of Representatives, which nowadays we know as Statuary Hall, was misused in the time after Congress moved out and before it became a museum. Today, a look at another room, just a few feet north of the former: The Rotunda. Conceived as […]

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