04 Oct 2019

New Hill East:

Two Saturday Hill East events to add to your calendar!

Just in case you need reminding –and if you’re anything like me, you do– there are two great events taking place in Hill East and you’re very, very invited. We were, in turn, reminded by ANC 6A04 commissioner Amber Gove– thank you, Amber! Both of them have very stylish graphics: Monthly Capitol Hill Clean-Up: Pick […]

14 Dec 2018

New Hill East:

Do you agree with #HailNoRFK? Sign this petition

This week, we learned that the Mayor has been in talks with Republican leadership in congress to retain control of the federal land on which Robert F. Kennedy memorial stadium (RFK) sits. While it’s a worthy goal to try to keep the District in control of these lands, achieving this goal seems to be a […]

01 Jun 2018

Volunteering & Giving:

Set Your Alarm: Capitol Hill Clean-Up TOMORROW!

On Saturday, April 7, several Hill East neighbors with support from nine local businesses and organizations launched a monthly cleanup effort around Capitol Hill. These efforts were already underway with support from 7-Eleven, and last month, they were ramped up with help from The Pretzel Bakery, Fulcrum Properties Group, Congressional Cemetery, Trusty’s, Frager’s Hardware, Sundance […]

02 Apr 2018

New Hill East:

Updates From Your ANC Commissioners

From Denise Krepp, ANC 6B10 DDOT is briefing the Hill East Taskforce today, Monday April 2, on their updated traffic calming plan. The meeting will be held at St. Coletta’s of Greater Washington, 1900 Independence Ave SE, starting at 7 p.m.  

14 Nov 2017

New Hill East:

“Hill East Gets the Shaft”

It’s not my words, but those of ANC commissioner Denise Krepp. It’s a strong sentiment, sure, but is it far-fetched? I recently spoke with Krepp about the subject, and have since sat back and collected bits and pieces to support this claim. At the time, she and fellow 6B commissioner –and 6B chairman– Daniel Ridge, […]

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