13 Feb 2017

H Street:

FREE Valentine’s Cookies From Whole Foods on H Street!

In news that will gladden your heart, make you feel loved and possibly help you cheat with that bikini-body diet, the team at Whole Foods on H Street –corner of 6th and H NE– will be passing around Valentine cookies tomorrow, February 14, until supplies last. They will be out there braving the cold (or whatever […]

25 Jan 2017

H Street:

Were You Awakened by Night Crews on H?

At least one resident in the 300 block of H Street NE was. THIH reader @avamny reached out to us last night with the following tweet: is it ok to have jackhammers and the like on #hst at 2AM on a weeknight? @HStreetDC_ @HStreetDC @theHillisHome — ava y (@avanmny) January 25, 2017 She also shared […]

14 Jun 2016

Arts & Entertainment:

Get Excited: SingSing Karaoke Opens June 22!

We have long been fans of Sticky Rice, 1224 H Street NE, the eclectic sushi place where you can get tater tots with your creative sushi rolls and a side of hipster attitude, and where karaoke legends have been made– and have broken appendages during rousing renditions of “No Diggity” as well (that’s a true […]

06 May 2016


Pow Pow Grand Opening Saturday, May 7

H Street’s newest eatery, Pow Pow, opens its doors tomorrow at 1253 H Street NE! We got to stop by this week for a peek inside their new digs and to get a taste of some of their offerings. Let’s just say that when someone offers you an egg roll “the size of your arm,” […]

03 Mar 2016

H Street:

You’re #FasterThanTheStreetcar. Prove It on Saturday.

If you’ve already ridden the DC Streetcar and have decided that walking is faster, then you sound like the candidate the H Street Runners are looking for! Lace up your favorite pair and get ready to run! The Inaugural Running of the Streetcar event, this Saturday March 5 starting at 3 p.m.  (Play this podcast […]

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