15 Feb 2024


Pascual Opens Today at 5 p.m.

Artwork of St. Paschal Baylón by Arturo Olivas

Perhaps you’ve already given it a try, but the restaurant popping up at the corner of 8th and Maryland NE, Pascual, opens officially today at 5 p.m. I had a chance to talk to the chefs, Isabel Coss and Matt Conroy, right as they are gearing up to officially welcome the community into their space, which has been transformed into one with a distinctly Mexican feel.

So what can neighbors expect from Pascual? Without giving it much thought, Isabel tells me “a good, [fresh] Margarita and a good tamal… if you’re drinking a sweet Margarita, run.” Another thing you can expect is a menu that is inclusive without expressly catering to kids. There will be simple dishes, like quesadillas, which will appeal to simpler palates, but no dedicated menu. Pascual is a tribute to St. Paschal Baylón, the patron saint of cooks who, according to Isabel and as legend tells, would walk around from town to town, cooking heavenly meals and earning his sainthood through what he loved doing most– feeding people. Pascual’s story is an immigrant story, of people who’ve traveled from far away — Isabel from Mexico City, Matt from the Boston area– to fill bellies and spread joy.

Will Pascual be aiming for a Michelin mention like sister restaurant Lutèce in Georgetown? (Pascual and Lutèce are part of the Popal Group, which includes a handful of restaurants around DC). Both Matt and Isabel are just focused on getting Pascual up and running for now, trying their best to give patrons an experience that feels like home. If accolades should come, they welcome them.

Volcán, which will have coffee and pastries in the mornings out of the window that faces 8th Street NE, won’t be operational until Pascual is running smoothly. Expect an announcement sometime in the warmer months and get ready to have coffee and typical Mexican panadería offerings, such as conchas, chilindrinas, polvorones and more. Isabel is very excited to share some of the Mexican viennoiseries she grew up eating, because their flavors are richer without being sweeter.

While the restaurant is booked solid tonight and 30 days out, there is a table and six spots at the bar ready to welcome walk-ins. Check out the menu here. To make reservations, click here.

If you go

What: Pascual, a New Mexican restaurant is opening on the Hill,
Where: 732 Maryland Avenue NE
When: They’ve been on soft open, but tonight’s the night!
Why: Because you crave a good Margarita and a good tamal, and because 8th and Maryland deserves nice things

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