24 Jan 2024


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Back when we were surronded by the fluffy white stuff, lo five days ago. Lovely photo by @longwalksdc on Instagram.

We’re emerging from the tundra, refreshed and… oh who are we kidding? The National Park Service, in addition to seldom returning phone calls, is doing their same old, same old when it comes to shoveling

Hiyara upstairs opened on January 20 and Eater takes a look at the ambitious restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants that recently opened, Petula Dvorak’s latest column mentions in passing that almost 100 new restaurants opened last year. It’s a footnote in her latest column about the 50 that did close last year. WaPo

Capitol Hill Corner focuses on Bodegón’s closing, though the post offers up no explanation–– just a confirmation of finality.

And yes, Restaurant Week has been extended one extra week and you should definitely try to take advantage of it. Click here to make a reservation.

The H Street NE Bus Priority project is a comprehensive reimagining of H Street from 3rd to 15th Streets NE and the plan was released yesterday. You can take a look at the proposal by downloading the PDFs here. Spoiler alert: If you’re a fan of going fast on H and hate bikes, you’re going to have a cow. Moo.

According to WalletHub, which periodically sends interesting listicles and intriguing analyses of trends, DC has the biggest wealth gap in all of the country. This quote alone is sobering: “Black D.C. residents are around 488% more likely than white residents to be unemployed, and they have a poverty rate that is 359% higher.” This statistic should keep people in the District up at night, especially the Mayor, whose now-reversed decision not to increase SNAP benefits for this year feels particularly callous in context. (WJLA)

The Washington Post takes a look at delivery drivers and their suddenly perilous way to earn a living. One of the drivers who was robbed a few months ago on the Hill asks the paper to use only his first name, Mohamad, because he’s concerned for his safety; however, he agrees to pose for a portrait that shows his whole face.

On Friday, a youth was shot around 16th and A Streets SE. A concerned neighbor, Matilda Bress, called 911 and was put on hold for over a minute–– what she felt was an inexcusable amount of time when it comes to a possible fatality. OUC said that Ms. Bress’ call was received after the initial call was received and emergency helped was dispatched. DC News Now

Axios rounds up new store openings, most of which seem to be around Georgetown. But hey, there’s a new plant shop, Jungle & Loom, coming to Navy Yard!

But Inside Hook’s best sushi round-up includes many local places, so yay, sushi!

And Sticky Fingers is expanding to Takoma. Source of the Spring

And the rent may be too damn high, but the rent increases have not been as bad as the ones in Alexandria. Urban Turf

After a very strange photo of Ward 8 council member Trayon White made the rounds on Twitter/X and Instagram, showing him among a crowd holding questionable signs, Washington City Paper‘s Alex Koma/Loose Lips took on the task of figuring out what on earth that was all about. We are grateful for you, Alex.

The Guardian has a run-down of anti-abortion related activities from last week.

Michael A. Brown, the former at-large councilmember who was charged with bribery a little over 10 years ago, will challenge Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton for her seat. In the words of Reacher, “No.” WaPo

So why is Metro in so much financial trouble? Greater Greater Washington is tackling this complex issue in several installments. The link here is to the first one.

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