30 Jun 2020


Hill Buzz

Hello there! It’s a beautiful early afternoon that can only be made better by the delicious, sticky knowledge that we are becoming an ice cream parlor mecca: Eat DC shared updated views of Captain Cookie and the Milkman, which is opening on Thursday. Eater DC reported that Maryland-based ice creamers Moorenko’s will open a Capitol Hill shop later in the summer. The shop will be at the former Trickling Springs locale, right next to EatBrgz. Both places are lovely, but if you haven’t had a milkshake from Moorenko’s, you have but half lived.

Obey all traffic signals. Photo by @DCSignsofResistance, via Instagram. Tag us so we can use your photo! #thehillishome

By the way, today’s situational update from Mayor Bowser brought some happy news: Baseball is (kinda) back! No fans, no spectators, but hey, the game itself is back!

But it will be back without former Washington Nationals player Ian Desmond. He shared an intensely personal reflection via Instagram on the ways baseball stifles boys of color and it’s worth your time.

Among the things the Mayor discussed during her situational update, she briefly answered a question about the budget, as it pertains to police. She is not in favor of defunding, or even somewhat borrowing a proverbial cup of sugar, from the police budget. Her main point is that service calls to 911 would take much longer to manage. Charles Allen spent some time on Twitter this past Sunday, talking about what the MPD budget looks like and how it breaks down. I appreciate that our councilmember took the time to explain this complex subject in a public forum. Give it a read here.

Love this: Call Your Mother Deli took the time to acknowledge the veiled cultural appropriation in their sandwich names and posted a statement about their unequivocal support of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as their community. The small things matter just as much as the big ones. Washingtonian

Unless you were actively curtailing your news intake last week (and we really don’t blame you if you were) you know that the Emancipation Statue at Lincoln Park was the talk of the town. There were those who were and are deeply in favor of removing and replacing the statue (FOX-5) or placing it in a museum (Eleanor Holmes Norton press release) and those who want it to stay (Washington Post). I’m not going to say more other than when people are so overly attached to things, it can distort their perspective.

Have we mentioned how much we love seeing our local favorites discussing their dream day? This week, the Washington Post talked to Leah Daniels of Hill’s Kitchen and, naturally, baseball was part of her dream day. Baseball cometh, Leah!!!

Several things are officially starting tomorrow, July 1: Universal Paid Leave and an overall increase in the minimum wage in the District. (Tom Sherwood via Twitter) Vincent Orange recently wrote an op-ed about Universal Paid Leave, which starts on July 1. By the way, if you want to read up, DOES has a handbook on what to expect from paid leave which you can read here. Orange points out the fact that over 13% of District residents would be unable to access paid leave benefits due to their working in another state. His logic is a little convoluted, but the piece is worth a read. The DC Line

Btw, thank you to CHAMPS for pointing out that if you’re self employed, you are still eligible for Paid Leave. Read more here and read CHAMPS’ newsletter here.

In good news if you’ve had to serve jury duty every two years like clockwork, the DC Superior Court is planning to let people convicted of a felony serve in petit jury one year after completing their sentence.

Parting thought: We want to be more excited about DC putting its hat in the ring for hosting the 2026 World Cup, but it feels a little like a ploy to turn RFK into a stadium again– and quickly. Maybe I’m wrong and it would be super exciting because WORLD CUP SOCCER, but I dunno…. Washington Post

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