16 Jul 2019


Hill Buzz

It’s just not as close to public transportation as you’d like– although this map doesn’t seem to take bus routes into account? Map by MWCOG, via screen shot.

After two weeks’ vacation, it’s been rather interesting to catch up on news. Let’s just say I’m kind of glad to have missed the DC Council mess, including that bit about Jack Evans being removed as Chair of the Finance Comittee– although this opinion writeup by Jonetta Rose Barras for the DC Line provided an interesting picture of recent goings-on.

I was sorry to miss the Capitol Hill Fourth of July parade, but everyone’s photos on Instagram made me so happy! Are you following us on Instagram? Check out our story on the Fourth of July and get happy and patriotic all over again.

Last night, many of us experienced a power outage. Pepco has restored power to most households, but there are still some holdouts. Amazingly, the cause of the blackout is still not known. How? NBC-4

Via WAMU’s Jordan Pascale on Twitter and with a heads-up from our buddy Barred in DC, a fascinating visual representation of walksheds– or just how far you have to walk to get to public transportation. We captured the transportation desert around the Capitol Hill area (as did Barred in DC in his tweet), but looking around the map, upper Northwest, Northeast and east of the River are just far from everything, transportation wise– although the map doesn’t seem to highlight bus routes. Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Speaking of walkable, livable communities, the rent comparisons on Curbed are always eye-opening. Gotta say, both of the offerings in our area kind of crush the competition…. if you have a cool $3000 per month burning a hole in your pocket, that is.

Yay, more people are enjoying our local rivers. Welp… more people are enjoying our local rivers. WAMU explains this bit of “Tale of Two Rivers” dilemma, with pardons to Charles Dickens.

This is not exactly news, but hey! Tennis fans, how about checking out the table tennis action above Union Market this week, in honor of the Kastles stadium? Starting at 7 p.m. you can be a ping pong hero! Details here.

Speaking of fun stuff and with a big nod to our Thursday column, here is a helpful guide to Capital Fringe from DC Theater Arts.

Not so fun, but necessary: Vaccinate your children. Here is info from the District on when and where you can do it. DC Gov

Parting bit of joy: It’s almost a month old, sure, but this retrospective/history lesson in DC dining will make you happy and make your mouth water. Washington Post

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