25 Jun 2019


Hill Buzz

It’s another stunning summer day around these parts and even the mosquitoes are behaving, so I don’t know what is going on but LET US ENJOY.

What’s been going on, you ask? Allow me to take it away.

Adolf Cluss standing like a stone-cold player next to Eastern Market makes for a great photo. These days, he’d have to watch out for all the babies trying to get their splash on in the fountain, however. Thanks for the tag, Eastern Market Main Street! #thehillishome

The proposed changes to Florida Avenue NE are both long overdue and very exciting. You can read all about them via Greater Greater Washington

Speaking of proposed changes, Metro is looking at doing some serious work to the Blue/Orange/Silver lines at Rosslyn, a natural convergence point. While the effects of construction would mostly affect the other side of town, can you imagine being able to get to Georgetown straight from Eastern Market Metro? NBC-4, GGWashington and WTOP

Keep this guide to the most anticipated restaurants opening soon in a handy place and shout BINGO! into the void every time one of them opens. Or, you know, maybe just that’s what I’ll be doing. Neighbors take note: Depending on how you count, we have four or five restaurants on this list. Eater DC

Tom Sietsema liked Cane. Washington Post

Waking up to an early morning raid of Jack Evans’s home was how DC entered Cancer season. We shared with you Charles Allen’s statement right after the raid. DCist has a summary of where the whole Council of the District of Columbia stands, because you know people will be talking about all of this around you, sooner or later. Now if someone could just explain to me why Jack Evans was going around barefoot on Sunday, I’d appreciate it. Did they take his shoes during the raid or something?

Is it safe to say that go-go is having a cultural moment? Solid State Books drew a lot of fans with their exploration of “Take Me Out to the Go-Go”— their debut pick for a DC Book Club (WUSA-9), and then the BET Awards decided to totally copy Solid State (maybe) and do a full on go-go tribute. More astute commenters have noticed that a real go-go tribute would have lasted a lot longer. (Washingtonian)

If you’re choosing this week to kickstart your running routine, well, good luck with that heat. But you should know there’s a running group on Thursday morning to boost you up and it’s a Washingtonian pick.

This is a good moment to remember that &pizza started on H Street NE and is delicious. Hey, whatcha doing for lunch? Supporting women’s rights? Cool. DCist

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