02 Apr 2019


Hill Buzz

Hey Capitol Hill! Sorry about the April Fool yesterday, but we hope at least some of you out there laughed!

Ah, spring! Need we say more? Gorgeous capture by @meiling_liu, via our hashtag, #thehillishome

What’s going on around the Hill?

DDOT is proposing to change direction in the 700 block of D Street SE. Last night, the ANC unanimously voted for this not to happen. You can read more about this in the link and make sure you send in your comments or show up to tomorrow night’s meeting. The Hill is Home

A close call at Stadium-Armory metro and the importance of being vigilant and compassionate, always. Washington Post

Union Kitchen, Compass Coffee are coming to West Half, a new building in the umm…. Capitol Riverfront/South Capitol Hill/Navy Yard/Ballpark/can we just call it JDLand? area. Commercial Observer

Hey, the My School D.C. lottery results came out Friday– hope your family did ok! Here’s a good primer of the lottery and how it works. Good luck next year and please don’t forget to re-enroll soon. WAMU

(Side note: When I first entered my children into the school lottery oh, nine years ago (???), the schools with the top waitlists were mostly in Northwest. I can’t believe my kids’ school is now in the top 5.)

Just north of us, K Street NE is a bit of a crazy mess, with speeding cars and a lack of bike- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. Help our neighbors to the north in developing a greener, calmer K Street. Greater Greater Washington

NYC’s Nicoletta Pizzeria is opening this month over at Navy Yard and I can already hear the exasperated sighs that it’s just not as good here as it is there. Sorry. It had to be said. Eater

Wow! It’s been a whole 10 years of the Kingman Island Festival! On Tap has more info.

The Wharf officially kicked off its second phase this weekend. NBC 4 has details on what that means.

ThinkProgress discusses the murder of a young black man by an off-duty policeman in Northeast. They also mention the stop-and-frisk incident of three young boys back in January. This sentence is poignant: “More substantive reforms, like reallocating police funds to emergency mental health care workers, are more likely to address racial inequities and more likely to prevent shootings like that of Young.”

Did you know that DC is the best place for women to live? We make $0.89 for every dollar men make! Oh, the near equality is making me dizzy! Move.org

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