07 Aug 2018


Hill Buzz

Sending “Cool” vibes to help with you cope with the dog days of summer. Photo by The Fridge DC via #thehillishome

Hey Capitol Hill! You always look lovelier when I come back from vacation! A big shoutout to Kate for taking over last week’s Hill Buzz and holding down the fort. Hope all of you have been able to get away somewhere different, even if just for a weekend.

What’s shakin’ around the interwebs this week? Read on!

This upcoming weekend, we have a slew of Very Special Visitors descending upon DC. Check out this Vox explainer about what to expect on Saturday, as well as some background from the previous, disastrous Unite the Right rally. (Aside: They are riding into town via the orange line, which is some poetic thing right there.) If you want to be a model of what White People should stand for, check out this Facebook event and tell Tim Krepp we sent you.

Speaking of this rally, Jessica Sidman of Washingtonian Magazine recently shared a column she wrote shortly before 45’s inauguration: It’s okay for restaurants to refuse service to hate groups. (But it’s complicated.) Washingtonian

Business Insider declares that Capitol Riverfront is joined by SouthPark, North Carolina and Carmel City Center in Carmel, Indiana as the three “emerging powerhouse” neighborhoods, using data from the Urban Land Institute. Well, shucks, you guys! First, Forbes thinks you’re cool; now Business Insider thinks you make it rain. It’s time to buy lotto tickets. Business Insider

The firm that conceived the transformation of the Uline Arena from soot-stained parking lot to gorgeous retail facility will be moving its offices into the building. It’s a gorgeous space and you can have Union Market food for lunch every day. What’s not to love? Bisnow

We shared this great bit of neighborhood news on our Twitter feed on Friday afternoon:

On Monday, Washington City Paper elaborated on the details of the new building, which will be opening sometime in November. Yay, permanent location! Now, if they could only make faithful reader Dave S. happy and have fewer rules… One day at a time, right?  Washington City Paper


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