12 May 2015


ClassPass on Capitol Hill

Photo courtesy of ClassPass.

Photo courtesy of ClassPass.

Like it or not, we’re full steam ahead to swimsuit season. There’s no time like the present to use trying a new gym class as a good excuse to get or stay active! ClassPass offers some great options on the Hill, and could be your ticket to a beach-ready bod.

Not familiar with ClassPass? It’s a monthly membership to many of the smaller fitness studios and gyms in and around D.C. For $99 a month, you can sign up for as many as three classes a month at each of the more than 150 DMV studios that participate.

Here are the Capitol Hill studios you can find on ClassPass:

Biker Barre

Bmarchai Studios

Capitol Hill Yoga

DC Soccer Sessions

District Crossfit

Gold’s Gym – Capitol Hill

Jade Fitness

M Street Yoga

Old City Crossfit

Pole Pressure Capitol Hill

Pure Barre – Capitol Hill

Yoga NoMA

Also consider the other studios not on the Hill that might be near your work or home.

ClassPass members reserve classes online. A word of caution: some of my friends who have used ClassPass in other cities warn you to sign up early because many studios only reserve a certain number of slots for ClassPass members! However, I think the beauty of ClassPass is that you can take high-quality barre, crossfit, spin, etc. classes from a variety of teachers and studios without paying for memberships at each.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, ClassPass told me they offer a starter month of $49 for four classes in your first month. They also offer ClassPass Flex so you can work out in their other cities.

Has anyone already signed up? What has your experience been for the studios on the Hill?

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2 responses to “ClassPass on Capitol Hill”

  1. Fitness Gal says:

    The smartest move Soulcycle made was staying a Premium Service and saying no to classpass. I have run studios for years. Classpass does not work for studios. Your membership will leave you for classpass once members learn they are paying double what the others in your classes are paying. Your user base will be very angry at you. Incremental revenue is the fantasy that classpass is selling. It does not work out that way. Members abandon studios for classpass. Your loyal user base will not be happy to learn that they are paying $25 and you just sold classes to classpass at $10. You will become a $10 an hour studio and will compete with every other $10 studio around you on a per class basis for users. You will be owned by classpass.

    2 articles against Classpass in the New York Times:

    She would rather pay full price at SoulCycle than see the studio become even more crowded. “I’m like, ‘Please don’t join ClassPass,’ ” she said.

    (read the comments section)

  2. Fitness says:

    I love ClassPass! Huge ClassPass discount: $50 off 1st month membership. Click here: https://classpass.com/mayreferafriend?utm_content=5201143281669 to register before May 26 2015 only!

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