12 Jan 2015


Delays Around Town

If you work for the DC Government, you’re likely reading this from your desk (if so, can someone let me know when my garbage and recycling from last week will be picked up??).  Everyone else? Chances are you’re warming up the pancake griddle or already sitting in your weekend seat at a favorite coffee shop.  Here’s a quick roundup of the delays we’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t get too excited: you probably still have to be at work before lunch.

DC Government opens on time, but DC Public Schools have a 2-hour delay.

Federal agencies have a 2-hour delay.

The Capitol Visitor Center will open at 10:30am with tours beginning at 10:50.

The Senate Sergeant at Arms office will open on a 2-hour delay but staff responsible for Senate operations should report on time.

The DC Circulator is experiencing delays on the Potomac Skyland route due to weather and road conditions.

Here is the Post’s list of the status of school districts around the region.

For those of you escaping to sunny beach vacations today, National Airport reports that their runways are open/wet with above freezing temps. Check with your airline, and don’t forget the sunblock!


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