18 Jul 2014


Upcoming construction near Thurgood Marshall Judiciary Building

The lawn on July 10, 2014. Photo by María Helena Carey

The fence going up on July 10, 2014. Photo by María Helena Carey

Just when it seemed that the greater Union Station area was done with the construction that has uglified the grounds for years and snarled traffic along Massachusetts Avenue, until the will to live is all but gone, a new construction area has been set up in the open space adjacent to the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary building.

According to one of the workers installing the fenced area late last week, the building needs roof repairs. The fence will hold construction materials, machinery, and trailers for about 17 months. Once the repairs are done, the fence will come down and the area will return to its former state.

The Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary building, located between Columbus Circle, NE, and 2nd Street NE, is an office building for the federal courts. It was built in 1990 and is a part of the United States Capitol complex, overseen by the Architect of the Capitol.

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