04 Jun 2014

ABRA Hearing on Twelve Restaurant & Lounge

DCHH_TwelveRestaurantLounge_1339761065Twelve Restaurant & Lounge (XII), located at 1123 H Street NE, has been a source of neighborhood problems and complaints since it opened. As DCist reports, “Since May 2008, ABRA has investigated the club 25 times for incidents ranging from noise to the assault of a police officer. In March of this year, the club was shut down for 96 hours after a stabbing. It was allowed to reopen after the Board approved a revised security plan.”

ANC 6A is working hard to have the place permanently shut down and, in a recent open letter, Commissioner Jay Williams (ANC 6A05) asserted that the most recent stabbing, “was able to take place only because the ABC Board issued an order allowing XII to operate under an expired liquor license while it files a third application for renewal, after the first two were dismissed for XII’s failure to attend required hearings.”

Williams attended the majority of yesterday’s hearing, live-tweeting it for all who were interested in how the club would defend itself after this latest incident.

The full set of Tweets, courtesy of @_Christopher on Storify, is below. ABRA will make an official decision within the next couple of weeks.

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