05 Feb 2014

Dining with your Tiny Tot on the Hill

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“Kid friendly” dining has taken on a whole new meaning since I recently became a mom.

I used to think it meant a couple of basic things — does the restaurant have a kids menu? And are high chairs provided? But I’ve quickly learned that bringing your baby or child out to eat, especially if they aren’t yet walking, is about a lot more than the menu options.

A related post on child friendly eateries was written by THIH’s own Kyra DeBlaker-Gebhard a few years ago and pretty much nails it. And THIH’s Jon Penndorf recently reviewed Nando’s Peri Peri, which he also gave two thumbs up for its kid friendliness.

Here I also take into account what has become my greatest challenge since becoming a mom – where can I park my car!? Yes I have a stroller, but with the polar vortex temps of late strolling with the stroller hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park…

Matchbox – The staff doesn’t roll their eyes when you walk in with a stroller, score one point for them. You’re also likely to not be the only people with children in the restaurant. The downside here is the potential for a long wait.  I recommend calling to get on the wait list when you’re en route. Parking can be tough, your best bet for any place on Barracks Row is walking or parking a few blocks away from 8th St.

Ted’s Bulletin – Basically your child’s dream. Breakfast anytime and ice cream? Done. Same situation as above regarding the parking and the wait, although I’ve seen many a child entertained by watching the homemade pop tarts being made in the window while waiting for a table.

Argonaut – Accomodating waitstaff for kids and good odds you’ll find nearby parking on Maryland Ave.

Mr. Henry’s – Tuesday nights, but if you’re a Hill parent you probably already know that. Also when you’re past the point of exhaustion, a grilled cheese with tomato & bacon is a cure all. Parking is decent on any of the surrounding side streets (especially if you’ve got a Zone 6 parking sticker).

We’re only two months into this whole parenting thing and have certainly left many stones unturned so let me know where you like to go with your kids… and I’ll probably see you there!

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3 responses to “Dining with your Tiny Tot on the Hill”

  1. Tom Veil says:

    Don’t forget the simpler options, like NY Pizza, Chipotle, District Taco, Good Stuff, and We the Pizza. Little kids have no need for waiters.

  2. Mac Highland says:

    Parking is rough, especially for those of us who live close to 8th St. so we’d like to suggest that a better solution is the public parking under the freeway at 8th and I.

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