13 Jan 2014

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Get your Fitness On with Pole Pressure Capitol Hill

Try out Pole Pressure Capitol Hill for FREE this week.  Photo courtesy of PPCH.

Try out Pole Pressure Capitol Hill for FREE this week or get a special THIH discount on a classpack. Photo courtesy of PPCH.

Pole dancing? For fitness? For real?!

Sounds crazy, but pole dance or pole fitness (both terms are used interchangeably) is a hot fitness trend featured on TV shows like “Ellen,” “America’s Got Talent” and even “Dancing with the Stars” where regular people learn acrobatic feats while losing inches and having fun.

There are 180,000 students actively taking pole classes at more than 1,200 studios in 70 countries (as of July 2011) and now you can take classes right here on the Hill.

Located in Results Gym (315 G Street SE), Pole Pressure Capitol Hill, reopening with new management, is offering free classes from January 13-19th so you can see for yourself just how addictive this sport really is. A sport? Yup—pole governing bodies even made a bid to include the sport in the summer Olympics in 2012 and are trying again in 2016.

New owner/manager and pole enthusiast, Colleen Jolly (pictured), is a 10 year Hill resident who never imagined she’d fall in love with this incredible sport: “I took my first class two years ago and everything was so tough! I could barely hold onto the pole let alone spin around it, but I saw some women who had only been taking classes for a few months flipping themselves upside down and doing all this amazing stuff, developing killer bodies and it encouraged me to keep going. I’ve lost 2 pants sizes and am in the best shape of my life!”

“Pole is a fantastic mix of strength training, cardio, and flexibility. You are using your core and upper body quite a bit at first but it really is a full body workout. You develop the muscles you need as you advance and learn more challenging moves—no one starts out being able to hang upside by a toenail. All fitness levels, ages and sizes of men and women can start having fun and getting fit with pole—the community is incredibly warm and accepting.”

But is pole sexy? “It can be. At Pole Pressure Capitol Hill we focus more on the sport and fitness side, encouraging our students to enter competitions and showcases, building fluid dance routines more like what you would see in Cirque Du Soliel than in any club. But you can wear heels and get an extra calf workout if you want! Most pole partners or spouses realize how serious poles students can be and learn there is less ‘lap dance for your lover’ and more pull ups involved in pole training.”

Competitions? “Absolutely! Judged competitions that rate competitors on their strength, flexibility, costumes and overall musicality are held all over the world. We have one coming up February 8th in the Black Box Theater at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. . It is open to the public and part of the proceeds from ticket sales benefit the American Heart Association during Healthy Heart Month.”

Pole dancing for fitness, for fun and for FREE—why not try a class this week?

Sign up here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=48948

Use code “HILLISHOME” for 10% off your first classpack or membership.

Not ready to sign up for classes but want to learn more? Visit them on Facebook or contact Colleen: 202-505-5406 or colleen[at]polepressure[dot]com.

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