15 Nov 2013

Frager's to Build Consolidated Temporary Store Structure at 1230 Pennsylvania Avenue

Sign, Frager's Hardware

photo by Mike Licht on Flickr

With plans to return to its original home in the next three to four years, the owners of Frager’s Hardware have begun work on bringing all of their services and goods back under one roof. If all goes well, come June, Fragers will open its doors in a temporary structure at 1230  Pennsylvania Ave, a bit north of the CVS and Cole Stevens Salon. The vacant lot has been empty for more than 10 years. Frager’s owner John Weintraub met with would-be neighbors last night, and will now begin the process of working closely with relevant city agencies and a team of technical experts to begin work on the site.

Since the fire in June, Frager’s Lawn and Garden has operated on the pad at Eastern Market, a space that is part of the proposed Hine Junior High development project.  “We truly appreciate the hospitality extended by the city and maintained by the Stanton-EastBanc developers.  However, we know when construction gets underway, we’ll need to have a place to go,” said Weintraub.  The short-term lease on 1323 E St SE could mean the Hardware and Rental operations will need a new home sooner than later.  The Paint Store at Frager’s Hardware will not move across the street, but continue to operate at 1129 Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

ANC Commissioner Nicole Opkins organized a meeting with neighbors last night to give adjacent neighbors to preview Frager’s plans.  Weintraub said Frager’s will make every effort to minimize disruptions to the neighbors while maximizing full use of the site.


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4 responses to “Frager's to Build Consolidated Temporary Store Structure at 1230 Pennsylvania Avenue”

  1. Royski says:

    I was impressed with the stock at the store on E street

  2. IMGoph says:

    ‘North’ of CVS? Do I have my directions wrong?

    • Royski says:

      You’re right, that address looks like the lot southeast of CVS with the mural wall

      • Kate McFadden says:

        Yep, that’s right guys. My inner compass is not always reliable. Thanks for the catch. I think they’d lose some neighborhood goodwill if they put a Frager’s outpost on top of Watkins Elementary.

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