05 Jul 2013

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BOOM! OOOH! Add Your Fireworks Photos to THIH’s Flickr pool

Fireworks over the Capitol July 4, 2013

Official photograph from the Architect of the Capitol, via Flickr

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July, Capitol Hill! This year was an especially impressive one for fireworks– the main display over the National Mall seemed to go on forever, or at least for about 17 minutes from start to finish. (Sorry, San Diego: they aren’t supposed to explode all at once.) The neighborhood displays wasted no time and by 10 pm the sky was lit up and rockets were exploding left and right, setting that delightful “festive wartime” feel we’ve all come to expect.

Make sure you add your fireworks photos to our Flickr pool! This one was added by the US Capitol on Flickr, whom you should definitely follow if you have a Flickr account yourself. Please and thank you!

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