03 May 2013

New Kid on the Block: Giant Food Comes to H Street

The Giant sign before spell check and a fix to read "quality food people."

The Giant sign before spell check and a fix to read “quality food people.”

A long, long time ago we told you that Giant Food was coming to H Street, NE opening in an area otherwise in desperate need of a grocery store.

Well, that day has finally come.

On Thursday, the 41,000 square-foot, LEED-certified store opened, and get this — it will be open 24-hours a day.

According to H Street Great Street, the store comes equipped with a number of bells and whistles, including an artisan bread bar (or bakery as we like to call them), a deli and meat counter, an olive and cheese section, and an expansive beer and wine department. Plus, there are those fun, do-it-yourself scanners and 13 –count’em– 13 checkout lanes.

Spelling errors aside, the grocery store chain opened on schedule and in conjunction with the new condos above it, 360° H.

For Capitol Hill this is the third major grocer to enter the neighborhood: Harris Teeter and Safeway have long been options. In addition, there’s the smaller, local favorite, Yes! Organic Market on Barracks Row and the tried and true, Eastern Market.

But, for Capitol Hill’s Northeast residents this probably means a more accessible option for groceries and little  bit of competition for the ALDI and Safeway located just outside the eastern edge of H Street.

All this grocery talk and now The Hill is Home wants to know: Where do you grocery shop the most? Give us your answer in the poll below!

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One response to “New Kid on the Block: Giant Food Comes to H Street”

  1. hello1972 says:

    I will be doing most of my shopping at this Giant from now on! Before I was using Peapod, so indirectly using Giant (no car and live near 11th and F NE.)

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