22 Nov 2012

What is Open TODAY?

Seventy-Eight/ThreeSixtyFive: Open!

Photo by María Helena Carey

We know. You need confectioner’s sugar because you came across a really good royal icing recipe you are suddenly dying to try out before the food coma kicks in (true story), or perhaps you need a present to show up with at your in-laws’, or you just want to get out of the house and either caffeinate yourself or browse an open store for a few minutes (and possibly escape your family). But the clamor will only grow louder: WHAT IS OPEN, DANGIT?! Here is a short but hopefully-useful list. If you see a neighborhood business that’s open and it’s not on our list, please add it in the comments!


P&C  Market: Open 7:30am-2pm today. Regular hours on Friday.

Pound the Hill: Open 8am-1pm today. 9-11am on Friday

Peregrine Espresso: Open 8am-1pm today

The Silver Spork: Open 7:30-1:30. Friday open at 8 am.

Harris Teeter: Closes at 2 pm

Capitol Hill Super Market: Open at 8 am.

Tunnicliff’s Tavern: Open 11am-11pm. $21.95 turkey dinner plus football on TV (um… minus pesky family members?)

Hill’s Kitchen: Open 9am-1pm


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