06 Nov 2012

Readers Report from the Polls on Election Day

  1. Editor’s note: Capitol Hill is a place synonymous with politics, so naturally residents lined up to vote this morning. See and hear from those tweeting at their poll stations. The Hill is Home compiled this Storify from you, the readers. Did you have complaints, praise or stories to share? Email us at TheHillisHome[at]gmail.com. And, be sure to follow #hillvote2012 on Twitter for live updates from the polls.
  2. What the heck is an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner? And who’s my ANC member? In advance of this year’s election, The Hill is Home released a special feature on local community races. The goal: to make you a powerful and informed voter!
  3. Also, be sure to read-up on your charter amendments.
  4. GarberDC
    @NicoleInDC The Post has a helpful piece on the charter amendments: http://wapo.st/VQnwL2.
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 05:32:33
  5. Early in the morning on Election Day, we found one voter having issues with an identification mix-up. We connected the voter with the Board of Elections, ANC Commissioner David Garber and Charles Allen, the chief of staff to Councilmember Tommy Wells, who all stepped in to assist.
  6. dinhzarr
    @theHillisHome Help! Voting prob for redistricted ANC6C06 residents at Stuart Hobson! No ballots for ANC6C06. What to do?
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 04:58:42
  7. GarberDC
    Call @DCBOEE at (202) 727-2525. // RT @dinhzarr Help! Voting prob for redistricted ANC6C06 residents at Stuart Hobson! No ballots. @GarberDC
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 05:03:43
  8. dinhzarr
    @washdcnews THX for RT! Turns out info on my card wrong & mixup so husb not listed. Thx to @CharlesAllenDC for resolving so we can vote!
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:26:16
  9. dinhzarr
    @CharlesAllenDC Thank You & @TommyWells for figuring out BOE so I can vote! Also @GarberDC @theHillisHome for RT. Going to face lines now!
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:15:29
  10. dinhzarr
    After much drama including a husband told to check back in 10 days, I’m about to vote! THX volunteers! #hillvote2012 http://pic.twitter.com/8IaQ6JPv
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:37:25
  11. CharlesAllenDC
    @dinhzarr @washdcnews Happy to help out! Now we need to find out why it was printed & sent w/ wrong info so that it doesn’t happen again.
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:36:34
  12. GarberDC
    @dinhzarr Woot woot! Very cool to hear stories like yours of people STICKING IT OUT despite challenges! #democracy
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:39:09
  13. Voters complained that poll stations did not have an adequate number of e-voting machines. At certain locations, the paper ballot line moved faster than the e-voting line.
  14. HStreetDC_
    RT @FrozenTropics: Today’s lesson is to vote by paper ballot. Everyone is complaing of 1 e-voting machine per precint. #HillVote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:43:40
  15. smheffern
    Finally voting! #hillvote2012 #election2012 http://instagr.am/p/RsZhkjQ6Fb/
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:51:02
  16. mitchdindc
    @theHillisHome if you are in line at van ness get the paper ballot. There is only 1 electronic machine. 2012? #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 06:08:44
  17. DCnewskat
    Whoo! Only took 30 minutes to vote at Eastern Market. Only 1 machine there so I used a paper ballot. #Vintage @easternmarketdc #Hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:56:36
  18. KatieSullivanDC
    @theHillisHome There is only 1 electronic machine at JO Wilson too. Get the paper ballot #hillvote2012 #dcvote #ElectionDay
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 06:17:30
  19. Apparently, Capitol Hill is also filled with residents ending in last names P-Z. If you were one of those people, you may have waited a bit extra on Tuesday morning.
  20. magmaeA
    Having an A last name just payed off big time. See ya, chilly Watkins football field! #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 06:33:17
  21. PearlsAndSpurs
    Things I learned at my voting location: CapHill has an inordinate amount of last names that start w P-Z. #vote #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:44:49
  22. CapitolHillKid
    After seeing how many ppl are skipping lines to get to A-D or S-Z I will now only marry a man with that letter last name! #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 06:54:43
  23. Despite long lines and cold temperatures, many outlasted the wait to vote this morning. Polls in Washington, D.C. remain open until 8 p.m. Tuesday.
  24. CapitolHillKid
    It may have taken 2 hrs but… #ivoted #hillvote2012 http://instagr.am/p/RsXHa1v7Qs/
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:30:33
  25. CasieDaugherty
    Took me 2 and a half hours to vote at Stuart-Hobson. The bake sale and the sticker at the end made it worth my while. #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:09:12
  26. MeredithSchultz
    Long line to vote before work at Thankful Baptist Church! The line was already around the block at 7:15! #hillvote2012 http://pic.twitter.com/QujoTAkv
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 06:55:42
  27. ktwithak
    Hard to say private voting is happening when it’s this crowded. Some elderly people voting at cafeteria tables in the open. #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:48:55
  28. Local politicians and pets were also spotted on Election Day.
  29. Hannibal_W_Pei
    Mom voted! Wish I could’ve!! #VOTE #Election2012 #HillVote2012 #CapHillDC #thih http://instagr.am/p/RsdbryFeNW/
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 08:29:35
  30. TheMadameMeow
    .@TommyWells checking in at the polls at Stuart-Hobson. Yay! #hillvote2012 http://pic.twitter.com/EBVqK1YV
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:16:47
  31. BrunchGirl
    Saw ANC 6B03 candidate @PhilPeisch greeting voters near the polls. Haven’t seen his opponent at all… #hillvote2012
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 06:47:52
  32. Also, don’t forget, there’s plenty of freebies, specials and parties on Capitol Hill to keep you entertained throughout Election Night.
  33. TheMadameMeow
    I VOTED!!! Now give me things!
    Tue, Nov 06 2012 07:23:33

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