06 Nov 2012

Readers Report from the Polls on Election Day

Capitol Hill is a place synonymous with politics, so naturally residents lined up to vote this morning. See and hear from those tweeting at their poll station. Did you have complaints, praise or stories to share? Email us at TheHillisHome@gmail.com.

06 Nov 2012

Celebrate or Commiserate Election Night on the Hill

Did you vote? Great, now let’s party. Tonight, Capitol Hill turns its attention from the ballot box to the bars and big screens. A number of  restaurants and watering holes plan to host viewing parties, and you can either celebrate or commiserate over the end to election season. Stay Caffeinated on “Sticker Day” Pound The […]

05 Nov 2012

A Voting Guide for the Lazy Hill Voter

I’m sure most of you savvy The Hill is Home readers have already diligently followed local politics and are ready to make all of your down ballot choices. Great, than you can stop reading! This post is for the rest of you, the people who come up to me and say, “hey Krepp, you follow such […]

26 Oct 2012

Who will you vote for in the ANC election?

As Tim so eloquently explained earlier this week, your vote may not count for much on the Presidential ticket but when it comes to local elections, it can mean everything.  The Advisory Neighborhood Council (ANC) can impact development in your neighborhood in many ways — for good and bad.  They serve as your voice on city matters, so you […]

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