14 Nov 2012

Missed Connection: When Zach Met Laura, and Went Searching on the Neighborhood Listserv

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To say that the Newhilleast listserv can be an angry virtual space riddled with vitriolic posts is an understatement.

While you will, from time to time, read an innocent post that is unlikely to spark a debate, more often than not, the posts can really get readers going.

Whether someone is reporting a description of a “dumping” perpetrator, or someone suggests that backyard chickens are a great idea, so many posts are met with snarky comebacks, demands for apologies and flat out name calling.

And then there was this post, added on Tuesday:

Saturday night, I met a pretty awesome woman named Laura upstairs at Trusty’s. Boone was slanging drinks while we were hitting it off. Unfortunately, I don’t have your contact info, but we did discuss that we’re both regular readers of the Newhilleast Listserv. I’d like to see you again.

Laura, shoot me an email so we can meet up sometime soon.

The rest of you, whose time I wasted, here’s an inspirational video:


Well that warmed my cold, cold heart, and not just because I always wanted to be the subject of a missed connection, despite my long-standing coupled status.

For the first time in a long time, readers of the Newhilleast listserv seemed to agree that the gal at Trusty‚Äôs, whether she felt a connection or not, should reply. “Do it for the fella, do it for humanity!” was the shared sentiment.

So, Laura, reach out to Zach, and be sure to hit “reply all.” We all could use some kind words on the neighborhood listserv.

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  • Your best bet to find her, come see me. Boone

  • Shirley Schwarz

    How do I find out the address of or become a member of
    this listserv?

    • Sharee Lawler

      It is a Yahoo Group – on the Yahoo homepage you can search for New Hill East under Groups. There are a couple of other Hill listservs there too.

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