05 Nov 2012

If You Vote Then You Should Put a Tag on It: #hillvote2012

Hey!  I Voted!

We want to see your little happy stickers! Photo by María Helena Carey.

Like the title says: if you are voting tomorrow — or hanging out with a voter, or helping out during the elections, or trolling polling places like a weirdo — we want to hear about it!

Tweet at us about where you’re voting; how crowded the lines are; how friendly the staff is. Take a cool self-portrait of you with your “I Voted” sticker on, or shoot an artistic photo that sums up your feelings about the elections. Just make sure you share it with us! Use the tag #hillvote2012 on Twitter and Instagram, or add it to our Facebook wall.  Also, if you are watching the election results, tell us where on (or off) the Hill you’ll be watching and snap a photo of you and your friends (and add #hillvote2012 so we can find it easily). If you are a business and you are holding Election Night specials, make sure you drop us a line via Twitter, Facebook or via email: TheHillisHome [at] gmail [dot] com.

Are you still saying your vote doesn’t count so you’re not going to waste your time? Read Tim Krepp’s thoughts on that (hint: local elections matter, people!) Curious who to vote for in the City Council At-Large race? Read up here and here.  And how about those ANC candidates? We have info on all of them here, and Greater Greater Washington weighed in on some of the 6B races here. Do you not know where to vote?  You can find out very quickly on the DCBOEE website.

Now that you’re fully armed to make your vote count on the Hill, get to a polling place, wear that sticker with pride, and be sure to tag it on social media with #hillvote2012.  See you at the polls!



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