30 Nov 2012

Hill Holiday Shopping Guide: Pets like Presents Too

Tis the Season at Metro Mutts on Barracks Row

My dog gets a stocking hung by the fire just like everyone else in our family. In fact, at the home of a family member, the dogs get their own tiny Christmas tree complete with special dog themed ornaments but I recognize some might see this as a tad overboard. Point being, when you’re breaking a sweat opening that mountain of gifts this season, your pet would like something too. At least it will keep them from eating all the wrapping paper.

On the Hill, Metro Mutts (located on both H St and Barracks Row) is ready for the holidays, and is currently featuring many items under their Christmas tree, including dog duvet covers and games, as well as a dog chew gift boxes. While you’re there picking up something for your pampered pet, consider a gift for the Holiday Drive Donation Box sponsored by the Washington Humane Society.

Howl to the Chief has an extensive collection of holiday themed toys for your pup, including Christmas and Hanukkah gifts and Santa chew toys. I’ve already spotted a few items I need to go back and pick up!

Dog friendly holiday cookies on display at Howl to the Chief

And both stores will be selling  safe-for-dogs holiday cookies from their bakery displays throughout the season (Tate thoroughly enjoyed a candy cane cookie earlier this week).

Hill’s Kitchen has dog bone shaped cookie cutters in a variety pack of sizes – great for making organic peanut butter treats. The four piece set sells for $6.95.  Should you be interested, check out this easy recipe dogs love.

If you aren’t yet the proud owner of a pet, you might want to consider the old “give your kids a puppy on Christmas morning trick.” My nephews were the recipients of this gift last year. In this case, the parents should want the dog as much as the kids. Just saying!

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