22 Nov 2012

Giving Thanks

photo by Maria Carey on Instagram

There are a lot of things to love about Thanksgiving: the food, the crazy relatives, the football, the time off work, the food and subsequent food coma…but my favorite part (aside from the food, if you didn’t pick up on that) is seeing people take a moment to think about what they are thankful for in their lives.  So I asked (okay, nagged) the THIH writers to all tell me what they are thankful for that’s related to the Hill.  Yes, it’s pretty clear we all love and are thankful for this great neighborhood.

Tim E.: I’m thankful for Hill friends and family, neighbors who go out of their way to help and support others, the Washington Nationals (what a season, next year is ours), The Pour House, and $2 pretzels at Pretzel Bakery and they’re open on Thanksgiving — now that’s commitment.

Kyra: I’m thankful for my extended family on the Hill, my extended baseball family, a great baseball season from beginning to end (win or lose!)  for the most scenic neighborhood in the district to go for a run, take a walk or ride a bike, and, finally, the fabulous husband, the delightful little girl and the sweet baby boy that remind me to slow down and enjoy life on the Hill.

Jay: I’m thankful for all of the great stuff within walking distance of my home, postseason baseball in the District (even if it ended on a heartbreaking note), the local politicians and ANC commissioners on the Hill who provide a great example to the rest of the city, and of course all my family and friends who help keep me sane and loving life in this neighborhood.

Jen: I’m thankful for our small town in a big city that touches and enhances my life in countless ways. Thankful for a community that never lets its neighbors down. Thankful for teachers and coaches who help my kids in ways I never could. And super thankful to spend this holiday here rather than in traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Maria: I am thankful that I get to write this list from my creaky Victorian home where I live with my quirky, loud and particular family, and which is located in the nosiest and most dynamic neighborhood of the best city in the world (had to be said). I am thankful to have met all of you fellow writers, and therefore thankful for blogs and email and social media: you all have brought so much happiness, information, and laughter to my life. Finally, I’m thankful to be alive and ready to eat turkey: bring it.

Lauren: I’m thankful for a neighborhood that puts up with our dog’s incessant barking in the front yard (I promise this is only until I successfully teach him to say hello) for shops, restaurants and grocery stores all within walking distance, for Eastern Market on Sunday mornings, for Frager’s, which has helped to miraculously bring our 100+ year old home into the year 2012 and for our friends, who really do make the Hill feel like home.

Claudia: I’m thankful for having family in the neighborhood — especially when I’m sick and out of cold medicine but don’t want to get off the couch — and for so many great friends living so close by.  I’m thankful for getting to see the Nationals in their first appearance in the playoffs, for having Yards Park and now Canal Park right up the street from my house, and for all of the other great stores, restaurants, markets, etc. walking or biking distance to my home.  I’m also thankful to everyone who has helped keep this blog going for three and a half years; it has been a great creative outlet outside of work, has opened my eyes to much more of this neighborhood than I was previously aware of, has allowed me to get to know the wonderful group of writers that contribute to it each week.

Kate: I’m thankful for the BID’s  men in blue and the great job they do keeping the sidewalks and tree boxes clean. They’re super friendly and their work goes a long way towards help keep the Hill such an attractive place to love.

Jon: I am thankful for local businesses that go the extra mile to be part of the community and who know the meaning of customer service (looking at you Frager’s, Sweet Lobby, and Schneider’s). I’m thankful for community gathering spots like Eastern Market and Yards Park, and for being able to walk to so many needs and whims in life. Finally, I am thankful for a neighborhood steeped in history and rich in architecture.


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