16 Nov 2012

Photos from the Canal Park Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Celebration

The canal that once connected the Eastern Branch with the Potomac is indeed no more. But, as of about noon last Friday, after 13 plus years of work, it has been replaced by something far, far better: Canal Park.

On a bright fall day, numerous D.C. luminaries came together to open a new, state-of-the-art park.

Not content with the usual grass, trees, and maybe a statue, Canal Park has something for everyone. Sure, there is grass, and trees, and statuary, there’s also water (that is there to be played in) a restaurant, and even a skating rink.

The following pictures do not do it justice, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

In designing the park, the chief thought was to remind people of this area’s former use. And not that of a bus parking lot.

Just before the ribbon-cutting ceremonies, workers were still doing last-minute cleanup.

Once we get rid of the freeway, the view from the park will be spectacular.

The main building houses both the skate rental and the Park Tavern

The best part of the park is the skating rink. It is one of only rinks that have a path. (most are your standard squashed oval)

Tommy Wells discusses the Park Tavern’s menu with Executive Chef Robert Wood

All the water features, including this fountain, are meant to be played in. Bring your kid’s bathing suit.

Tommy hearing about the garden’s design and features from David Rubin of Land Collective (center)

Mayor Gray speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Capital’s mascot Slapshot entertaining a young skater waiting for the rink to open.

The ribbon is finally cut

It’s good to be the mayor

And finally: Skates on the ice.

Photos courtesy Robert Pohl / The Hill is Home

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