31 Oct 2012

Puppets March on Washington, and Lincoln Park

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When I hear about the millions the District spends on police presence at all of the marches and political rallies held in our dear city, I get a little crazy.

That said, I’m fully behind the Million Puppet March that starts at 10 a.m. from Lincoln Park on Saturday. Actually, I’m really envious of the police that might be assigned to this inaugural march. (Do you really think there will be police there? Ok, probably not.)

I’m sure you can imagine where the idea for this gathering of puppets, Muppets and their human friends came from. The organizers, Chris Mecham and Michael Bellavia posted the following on their website:

“We believe in public media.  We believe that a strong public broadcasting system builds a stronger nation.  And we believe that it is essential to provide adequate federal funding to our public broadcasters.

Through federal financial support, we the people of this great nation demonstrate our commitment to providing all Americans, regardless of their location or economic situation, free access to the best quality educational and cultural programming available anywhere, improving learning outcomes, increasing cultural awareness, and informing our electorate.

Through community events and social media, Million Puppet March seeks to increase awareness of the importance of federal funding to our public broadcasting system and to promote broad based support for its continuation.

The rally at the Capitol Reflecting Pool starts at 1 p.m. and attendees (in person and online) are encouraged to tweet the following: I support continued public funding of public media. #MPM2012

I agree with them (OK that’s not a big surprise). And I have a few puppets (a peacock and dachaund, and a 40 year old Steif bear), that will show up at the park and cheer them on.


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One response to “Puppets March on Washington, and Lincoln Park”

  1. Chris Mecham says:

    You just made my evening and I hope you’ll introduce yourself on Saturday.

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