07 Jun 2012

Redskins Take Richmond Over Reservation 13

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Did you hear that?

That was the collective sigh of the Hill East neighborhood upon hearing news that the Redskins will move to Richmond instead of Reservation 13 (the former site of the D.C. General Hospital).

On Wednesday, news broke that the team had been lured to Virginia for development of a new practice facility. According to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office, the Redskins will keep its corporate headquarters in Loudoun County, making several upgrades to facilities there, while searching for a new practice and training camp in Richmond.

What does this means for Capitol Hill? A lot of back-and-forth squabbling can finally come to an end, at least for now.

In March, neighbors reacted strongly — and in large numbers — after learning about a secret meeting in Tampa where Mayor Vince Gray and other city officials prepared for a possible Redskins move.

Then came more outcries following a late-March hearing with city officials and Hill East residents.

While news of the move to Virginia may be welcome for some, it still leaves questions about the fate of ill-fated property otherwise known as Reservation 13.

Will Hill East have to wait another ten years for promises of a mixed-use, waterfront development?

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