22 May 2012

And the Hine saga continues

What's wrong with DC's schools?

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I have been tempted for some time to start a pool on when ground will actually be broken on the Hine School.  It’s been a long uphill battle for all sides, and tonight brings meeting number 9,876,008,999…or something like that.

The short recap for anyone who just moved here: the Hine School was closed in 2007 due to low attendance and numerous other issues.  The city called for plans to develop the land in a way that would bring in tax revenue while also providing retail, housing, parking, etc.  The neighbors asked that the size and design need to fit in with the surrounding area…an aspect of the project that has led to the majority of the disagreements. You can catch up by reading our past coverage here.

So tonight you have another chance to hear it all and to voice your own opinions.  The Eastern Market Metro Community Association (EMMCA) is hosting a meeting between Tommy Wells and residents to discuss their concerns “about the current proposal to develop the block north of Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets.”

The meeting will be help from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Brent Elementary School, 301 North Carolina Avenue, SE.


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2 responses to “And the Hine saga continues”

  1. Tim Krepp says:

    Oh noes! It will block out the sun! Destroy the bucolic nature of our residential neighborhood! Take away my God-given right to park wherever I want for free!

    Screw it. If we’re getting all historic preservation-y, I want a giant, hulking brewery on the Safeway site. Wait, I’m not kidding. I really want a brewery there.

  2. Stephen Sweeney says:

    What would really be helpful would be to have more of the driveby
    urbanist hipster elite who know what is best for everyone pass judgment and tweet about it with hilarious exclamation points!

    Also, for those who acted quickly on rooftop solar is a legitimate financial concern.

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