12 Apr 2012

To Do

We have much to celebrate this weekend, what with the Nats home opener this afternoon. They are looking good, so spirits will be high. Of course taxes are due next week so the (surely very few) procrastinators among us may be frantically digging for deductions this weekend as well. Aside from taxes and baseball what else is there?

Today: We have already established that the Nats are coming home today and Justin’s Cafe is celebrating their return with an all-day block party. (Correction, this is on Saturday). You can stop in before or after the game or just skip it altogether. There will be beer trucks and food on the street as well as Justin’s own menu.

Friday: Celebrate the publication of our very own Robert Pohl’s new book, Wicked Capitol Hill at the Hill Center at 7pm. The rest of the country loves to paint our neighborhood with a general disdain which should really be aimed at those they have sent to work under the big white dome.  Robert has done us no favors, and in fact, he has painstakingly recorded every last one of this area’s naughty past in a new, juicy book. Face it, who doesn’t love a good scandal story? Raise a glass to our in-house historian,  pick up a copy (or ten) of his book and hobnob with your neighbors.

After you pick up some new reading material head over to the Atlas at 8pm for an evening of  improvisational jazz with some knockout performers, Endangered Blood, guitarist Noveller and locals DC Improvisers Collective. This triple bill is an impressive line up of established and emerging artists so you can be the person at the cocktail party in two years when you say “Oh Noveller? I saw her way back in 2012.”

Saturday is offers you so many opportunities to feel good about this community. Start with Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.  CHAW needs you! Help them celebrate 40 years of bringing the arts to people of all ages on the Hill. They have big plans to connect the community, literally. Head over around 11 and prepare to be CHAWsome!  Then go meet some new neighbors — Justin’s Cafe is celebrating their return with an all-day block party.

Head across the river for the very first LUMEN8 event. Sponsored by ARCH Development Lumen8 is primarily an arts and pop-up retail festival. Saturday is the opening day with events and exhibits throughout downtown Anacostia. The Pink Line Project is sponsoring Lightbox which will feature exhibits, installations, performances and retail all day. Some of the installations will be on display through May but don’t miss this chance to see our neighbor shine. The full performance schedule is here.

The big leaguers may make big money and get headlines but for me Little League is baseball at its best.  Saturday is the opening day for the second season of the Capitol Hill Little League. The games will be held on fields all over the Hill but the opening day festivities kick off at 5:30 at Payne Elementary School. Be prepared for some All Americana cuteness as the Player Parade includes kids marching in the uniforms. Rumor has it there will a bake sale and some other treats available.

Saturday evening the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the doomed voyage of the Titanic. The Titanic Memorial (which I just learned existed), has lived at the end of waterfront park for 34 years. Long story. Saturday evening there will be 50 feet tall projections of the Titanic. The promenade will be lit with 1517 projections to honor those who died. music from the era will be played concluding with a performance of “Neaer My God to Thee” which was the last song the band played on deck before the ship sank. For the truly hardcore there will be a ceremony and wreath laying in the wee hours of Sunday morning at 12:30 am. Who needs Kate and Leo?

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