03 Nov 2011

Fun for your Humpday: Clearly, Not Humpday

All this could be yours. Courtesy of Food Truck Fiesta.

Hi there everyone! Clearly, I was having SO MUCH FUN yesterday (not) that I completely blanked on having a post for you all. But fear not: I bring a couple of tasty morsels to make it through the day.

First up, whether you’re an office drone, a busy shop owner, or a stay-at-home dad who likes to get delicious sandwiches and not linger long enough to honor his Foursquare check-in (I am looking at you, Tim Krepp), I am sure you will find a special thrill in stalking and rushing your favorite food truck. I say today is the day, people! Washingtonian has a great tool devoted to keeping track of those four-wheeled beacons of deliciousness, and you can find it by clicking here: TAKE ME TO THE FOOD TRUCK FIESTA!

You can sign up via email, follow on Twitter, or get Facebook notifications. Or if you’re hopelessly nerdy, you can even +1 them on Google plus. (Does ANYONE use Google+?!) Today at Navy Yard Metro, for instance, there is the Feelin’ Crabby truck– and who isn’t feeling crabby on a Thursday? At Capitol South, there is TastyKabab. And at Union Station, there is an amazing array of offerings, but I can’t unglue my eyes from the BBQ Bus… or perhaps the Hula Girl truck? I can feel Hawaiian breezes blow people. It’s time for lunch.

And for a bit of silly as you down your sandwich/kebab/gyro/pizza/pasta, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how long your marriage or domestic partnership has lasted in Kardashians? It’s a new tool for measuring length of time in relationship, in 72-day segments. So go on then and find out at Kardashian Calculator! For instance, I was married for 37.9 Kardashians– how about you?

If you get barbecue, by the way, make sure to grab plenty of napkins.  I find that baby wipes work best.

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