20 Sep 2011

Hill Buzz

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Good morning, Capitol Hill!  I hope this overcast weather isn’t getting you too down.  If you haven’t invested in some rain boots, I think you’re over due.  But to the girls on the metro in Uggs — it’s really not that cold yet.  Not that I’m a fashion expert but, really?  Oh, the things I see now that I’m commuting by Metro in the mornings again.  It’s great entertainment.

  • There are no shortage of opinions on the proposed name change of the Navy Yard Metro to include a curly W.  JDLand covers it, as does DCist and Greater Greater Washington here and here.  Is anyone in support of this?
  • H Street Great Street reported that Taylor Gourmet is bringing cheesesteaks to H Street at a new locatoin — Taylor Charles Steak & Ice at 1320 H Street.  EaterDC also provides some details.
  • What could bring more debate than a proposal to look at capping liquor licenses?  As we reported last week, the next neighborhood to consider it is H Street.  Reactions from DCist and City Paper.
  • Housing Complex reported on some of the details for a condo project in Hill East, across from Eastern High School.
  • Frozen Tropics alerted us to continuing issues at H Street Self Storage.
  • Greater Greater Washington covered Tommy Wells’ move to turn parking spaces into parks for the annual Park(ing) Day, a day to promote going car-free.  My question is — did they have to pay the meters for the day?
  • Great Greater Washington attended the public meeting held by CSX, which provided far less information than folks were expecting.


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