26 Jul 2011

Hill Buzz

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Enjoying the break from the heat?  Yeah well soak it up while you can because we’ll be flirting with triple digits by this weekend again.  I think anyone in this city who has a pool has a lot of new best friends this summer.  Have you ever gone on Google Maps satellite view to see just how many of your neighbors have pools hidden in their back yards?  It’s amazing just how many there are.  The hard step is finding out how to get yourself an invite to come cool off!  While you ponder how to pull that off, here is some reading to get you through your morning.

  • Loose Lips examined why it looks as though Tommy Wells has no friends.  I particularly like his comparison of local politics to The Jersey Shore.
  • Did you notice the old Erol’s sign on the old Blockbuster?  Quite the flashback for those of us who lived here in the 80’s!  Prince of Petworth shared the history of the old video store.
  • The Ward redistricting may be done, but the SMDs still needs to be worked out.  The Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force Blog has a handy map to help you see the population of different blocks in each current SMD.
  • District Cuisine reviewed Tru Orleans (h/t Frozen Tropics) as well as DC Style is Real and a new contributor for Prince of Petworth.
  • The Washington Post took a look at the development on H Street, what the city had intended, what’s happened so far, and what may still be coming. Meanwhile, TBD decided to look at just how many stories have been written about H Street’s development over the years.
  • Greater Greater Washington told the story of James Crutchett, the man who lit the Capitol with gas lanterns.
  • Last week marked the groundbreaking on 360 H Street, which was covered by the City Paper, H Street Great Street, and DCist, among others.
  • Housing Complex reported that Amtrak has now said no to putting a connection station underneath the railroad tracks.  Other options remain but that seemed to be the best for everyone else involved.


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