11 May 2011

Things We Take for Granted: SOVA

As is standard for the 21st century entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time in coffee shops.  I could easily sing the praises of all our many local options.  The fact that one can so easily get a change of scenery and some social interaction while continuing to work and enjoy a nice cup of coffee is, to me, one of the biggest benefits of technology.  Though all my favorite spots have things in common — good internet connection; comfortable seating; plenty of plugs; convenient location; good teas; and something to snack on — there’s one that definitely stands out:  SOVA.

To me, SOVA is far more than a coffee shop; it’s more of a community gathering spot.  The owner, Frank Hankins, keeps a revolving exhibit of art upstairs and down.  Plus there’s Thursday night bluegrass; the third Thursday Trash Cat Clothing Xchange; SOVA SESSIONS; and board games galore.  Aside from that, SOVA also opens its doors to loads of events and community meetings.  It has been a go-to spot for Hill Hounds meetings, Capitol Hill Chamber networking lunches, community discussion groups, MoTH events, and Tommy Wells’ monthly H Street office hours, among others.  It’s a perfect spot to meet a friend for coffee or a drink; to have a business meeting; or just spend the afternoon working.

The surroundings aren’t modern and it isn’t yet close to public transportation (aside from CaBi), but it has a great shabby chic vibe.  SOVA is comfortable, spacious and welcoming to everyone.  Striking a great balance between coffee and community is what makes SOVA one of my favorite spots on the Hill.

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  • Kelly

    SOVA is very close to multiple bus lines, which do count as public transportation.

  • Holly

    I’m a huge fan of Frank and SOVA. It’s worth the trek.

  • Sharee Lawler

    @Kelly – fair point, and I’m surprised I missed it since I’m a regular rider (and on the D6 right now). I think the scars from years of construction make me shy away from any thought of driving down H St in any manner. I look forward to the day that isn’t the case.

  • Emily

    I love Sova, but is something going on there? I’ve been in several times over the last week or two and it seems like they’re always out of things – yesterday there was almost no espresso in the grinder, no coffee bags for purchase, and only one carrot muffin for pastries. This is really unusual for them and it makes me worry!

  • LB

    I agree that we take it for granted! We almost always start or end a night on H Street at SOVA. The staff there is top notch, great atmosphere, good wine. I’ve actually never had coffee though!

  • I’m with Kelly. The X2 will drop you off feet from Sova’s front door!

  • Jessica

    They were wonderful hosts for our MOTH “Eaters & Sleepers” events every week. They never batted an eye when we appeared with 10+ moms, babies, and strollers and always made us feel welcome!

  • C in DC

    And Saturday mornings, it’s filled with parents whose kids are taking dance classes at JOM.

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